Monday, May 21, 2007


Bazaar Bizarre & Maker Faire are over and I survived! It was a truly amazing show. I was so busy vending I didn't get to do anything at the fair. It was so huge and so many things going on, it was overwhelming. Next year I plan on having someone sit at my table so I can take part of all the amazing things that were going on there.

I had a great time vending with my fellow SFCM members and talking to all the vendors. I also want to send another special thankyou out to my tablemate Jessica for sharing a table with me, running my credit card sales thru her account and being supportive. I got to hang out with friends I don't get see often like Twinkie Chan and Traci and meet some cool online people like Shannon Okey, Heidi-my paper crane, Deborah

I did really really well and my yarns were LOVED!!!!!! I didn't expect to get the kind of reception I did, but I'm so chuffed I did!!! I figured I'd sell jewelry and a few yarns MAYBE. Having the yarn trees was more for show and to bring attention to our table-but people went nuts over them. To all the people who bought from me this weekend, THANK YOU!!!! And, I forgot to tell people to sign up for the mailing list=so please, sign up on for the newsletter on my website. Its very low volume, and you'll get advance news of when I'll be vending, coupons and other tidbits of info.

I have a very thin website and will need to spin this week. But I'll be taking off a few days to just de compress and regroup. I also REALLY need to clean my studio up and work on some shrines...I really miss doing art, not yarn art or jewelry art but 3D art.

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