Friday, June 15, 2007

Friday always seems to sneak up on me but I've been alot more productive this week. My worktable is almost clean. Its clean in my opinion of organized chaos, but almost clean in a normal persons view. I got a couple of necklaces done and that makes me very happy.

Both are on the website:

The first is titled: Down Mexico Way, the second is "Hold dear". Both incorporate items I've created as well as found objects. I am very pleased with both of them.

I am always amazed how the process of intuition and creativity work within me when I create-and its not something I can really put into words. I don't sketch out stuff generally, sometimes occasionally-but usually the end product is very different then the original sketch/idea. I have to 'feel' each piece and see what it is attracted too. This is why it takes me a while to make things-they have to speak not only to me, but to other pieces until the entire story is told. I had originally pulled out a pile of materials to make a black widow themed necklace-yet these 2 necklaces were what was created. And the spider necklace is still in bits on the table-unborn, still fermenting, growing and waiting for just the right elements to complete it.

I've also got 4 yarns up on the website and the lightning bug one is my favorite. My friend Jamie gave me a bag of green fiber that didn't turn out how she liked. I loved it immediately and when I got home, I said "what do you want to be?" and put it down on a pile of other fiber. Immediately I noticed it next to some black and thought "lightning bugs" (or fireflys depending on what part of the country you are from). And so I went to work, making the bug yarn. It is plied with a glow in the dark thread, so it will glow, just a tiny bit!

also-the San Francisco Craft Mafia has put up an Etsy Shop and a Cafe Press store. All proceeds from both shops go to our general fund which pays for our website, advertising, copying, postcards, supplies, etc...


tanders said...

the lightening bug yarn is totally inspired, gorgeous, I wonder if it would look good as doll hair hmm. hehe, the new necklaces look beautiful have a great week

Judy said...

Ooooh love the hold dear necklace - very nice indeed!