Sunday, June 17, 2007

I finally, finally finished a felted flower necklace I started...oh about 1 1/2 yrs ago! Its been sitting around, waiting for me to find the proper endcaps for it. Which I did, a couple of months ago at a beadshow...and just yesterday said "lets get this thing done already!"
I know a lady who does amazing feltwork, but I was never able to get into a class of hers. I love her flowerwork and with some verbal guidance from her, I got started. I was all into making them=until I started-its a LOT of work!!!! I decided felting just wasn't my thing and I'd leave it to the felting pro's and buy from them. Felting takes ALOT of time/work and I truly admire those who do it. I do occasionally do some felt beads for yarn, but I have a friend who can get perfect balls with little effort, while mine are always oviods-so I have her make them for me.
This necklace is a combination of wet felting, needle felting and beading. I made this when I had a very limited fiber palette, so its not the GREATEST felted jewelry piece in the world=but its a good first try IMHO.
Still working on the spider necklace. I have the centerpiece done=but a chain/hanging is eluding me... A simple chain is too simple, mixed items are too busy.............I think its best to put it in a drawer until more inspiration/material comes along.
In other news-the SF Craft Mafia is working on meet & greet that I hope everyone in the bay area will come to. We're doing this to meet you all, and have you all meet us! Still working on the details but I can tell you its gonna be at Stitch Lounge (in Hayes Valley) Aug 12 from 2-6pm, there will be cupcakes, a few different projects to work on and all the SFCM members will be there to help you craft something pretty! Please check back here or on the website for complete details in another week or so.

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