Sunday, June 03, 2007

New Friends

I love meeting online friends in person. Last night I got to meet my online friend Jo.

It am always amazed at how weird (and wonderful) how things come together.

Jo is from Glasgow and also a member of the newly formed Glasgow Craft Mafia. I emailed her to trade links, and we started emailing. Then she told me she was also coming here for a vacation, I insisted that she let me check her hotels before she booked one cause its easy to get mislead and get something in a bad area, etc. I also gave her a list of things to do/see and offered to meet up with them if possible.

So last night, Rob, Jessica and I took Jo and her boyfriend to dinner at Osha Thai (very good!). It can sometimes be nervewracking to meet people in person-but not so last night. Jo brought me Nessie chocolates!! I had never mentioned my Nessie obssession to her, so I loved her immediately for it LOL. I took her a little goodie package of a homemade totebag, handspun yarn, beads, and some swag from SFCM.

The first thing I asked her was if she like The Mighty Boosh-which she did!!So I KNEW it would be a great evening LOL. We had no problems keeping conversations going, between us all, and Rob & Dominick both love Dr. Who and other scifi stuff so they kept occupied while us girls talked about other things. After dinner, we went to Edinburgh Castle (scottish pub). I know it sounds lame-but I knew we could get a booth to sit, and it would be quiet enough for us to talk -unlike any other bar downtown on a Saturday night.

It was really really nice. I think poor Jessica felt like we were talking a different language at first when we were talking about various british shows we all love=Gareth Merenghi, Nathan Barley, Playing the Field, After Life, Torchwood, The Goodies, etc... I told her I would make her some tapes so she could know what the hell I was talking about.

We walked them back to the hotel, took a couple of pics then walked home. Today-they are exploring the Mission District. Hopefully, I'll see them again tomorrow. I want to invite them over=but we are still not fully put together and ... this sounds odd but- we have no furniture to sit on!! Our couch and coffee table were too big for this lofts living area so I sold them and haven't gotten replacements yet. I know, I know=bad hostess!

So today-I think I'm gonna order that loveseat from Ikea online and pay the exhorbitant fees to have it delivered.....and work on putting more stuff away so I CAN have people over... but the studio will always be a rats nest and I make no apologies for that LOL.


moosh said...

hey! i am jo's friend claire. sounds like you guys had a fab time! I am only sorry we couldn't come too - I heart SF more than I heart life itself. Love the site!

Saints and Sinners said...

Hi Claire! we did have fun! Next time the entire mafia should come over!!!


stellamystar said...

Hi Barbe

Sorry we didn't see you guys again- those 2 days just vanished. I had a great time- I was very nervous meeting you guys but Dr Who and the Boosh- can't argue with that! Although poor Jessica, you must get her those tapes.

Now I know there's a small matter of 5000 miles here, but we must do it again! If ever you want to come on a nessie hunt, I am sure that we can offer you a place to stay!

Thanks a million!

Jo xxx