Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Some FAB books from Amazing People

I wanted to talk about some great books by people I admire greatly, and are either out now or will be soon.

The other day I posted about the newest Pluckyfluff book-Intertwined. I sent in a skein for it and HOPE to have some yarn in that book. Lexi said that she was 200 pages OVER, so things got cut. I know its business, but doesn't that publisher understand-wez fiberz peeeplez LOVEZ OUR YARNZ and we'd buy a massive book of it! I can only imagine how amazing the book would be in the original form! But NOOO worries, everything that gets cut from this book, will go into the next book of Lexi's so its all good!!!

Then there is my brother in rust-Michael Demeng's new book "The Secret of Rusty Things" is in the bookstores now. Its SOOO cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even if you aren't really into assemblage, you have to buy it because it will inspire your creativity in other areas like color, composition, juxtaposition, etc.... Check it out at your local bookstore, or order one on Michaels site. If you are taking any classes with him you can probably get one from him or at least have him sign your copy with a personal note.

Don't forget, Michael will be over in Berkeley this weekend, teaching 2 classes at Scrapbook Territory , June 8 & 9th. Soda Pop Icons and Contemporary EX VOTOS a.k.a. Thanks For the Miracle. Michael’s classes sell out quickly at venues like Artfest, ArtUnraveled, Art & Soul, Valley Ridge Art Studio, etc….This is his only Bay Area teaching gig, so if you want to take a class with him-call the store and see if there is room!! As an added bonus-you get to meet me, I will be Michael's teaching assistant this weekend.

Back to the books:
Second on the list is by my friend Susan Lenart Kazmer. Her book "Connections" is done and will be released on Sept 1, but you can pre-order it thru her site now. If you have ever taken a class with Susan you know what a genius she is, and you learn SOOO much from her.

Also, my girl Jane has a book coming out too in Sept-Altered Curiosities. I haven't gotten to see inside this yet, but since I know Jane and her art-Im sure it will be amazing.

I'd love to hear some other great creative books to buy-so post some comments! I may do a book review of Michaels book on the next Fluff-a-licious podcast, but forgive me if it sounds totally biased LOL

Speaking of the podcast, Natasha and I are gearing up to do another, and we promise it won't be an hour long. We're debating talking about dying, among other things-so if theres anything you want to hear us talk about directly-leave a comment over there or here or Natasha's blog.

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