Monday, July 09, 2007

Hello from the Frozen Tundra

What a weekend=it was so cold on Saturday, I had on my winter coat and a scarf! It was foggy and misty all day and never warmed up. Yesterday=sunnier but super windy.I swear we have got to be the coldest spot in the nation. Today, sunny but a harsh winter wind is blowing thru.

Right now it is 69 degrees out but the wind 15mph and has to be about 55 degrees! BRRR!!! I'll try to direct all this cool wind over to you people broiling in the rest of the country-especially D.C./Baltimore areas!

I spent the majority of my day, editing photos and adding stuff to my etsy shop and website. So if you were interested in any of the last batch of jewelry-look on both sites. I have GOT to work on some book submissions this week-been putting it off for way to long, and also looking for more call for arts. I get so wrapped up in other things, I don't accomplish what I really want. I'm re-setting my goals and my time management behaviours so that I don't let any more opportunities "fall thru the cracks". I need to learn better time management skills, that is for sure!

On Saturday, I sat with Jessica who was vending at the DAI show. Also another SFCM member- Andrea was there as well but she was in another room. Sadly-it wasn't a very good show for either of them or most of the vendors=lots of traffic but no shoppers. I have sworn off doing shows because of stuff like that.You just never know if you will make money, break even or even make just the table fee back. Too much stress for me, makes you really depressed and you question why no one is buying your stuff. This show-no one was buying anyone's stuff but doesn't help much-you still feel bad and question yourself. Not fun! But its over, and all you can do is chalk it up to a bad day and move forward.

One bright spot in the day is we were next to an AMAZING chocolatier! Edible Love is hand made truffles made in small batches, from organic ingredients and only sold at trunk shows in Oakland, Berkely and San Francisco. I sampled all the nice girl had set out and my fave has got to be the Vanilla Rose Truffle. ABSOLUTELY delicious. Not cheap-but quality never is. Go to the website and sign up for their mailing list so you can know where to get your next fix from.

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ladylinoleum said...

Bummer that the craft shows are not that profitable.

My husband often says that the coldest winter he ever spent was his summer in San Francisco. LOL

I need to learn way better time management skills too. If you've got any tips, please let me know!