Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last night, Jessica and I went over to the Whole Bead Show downtown on Van Ness. A very small show-with only 18 vendors. I have to say I wasn't too impressed. Most vendors were pretty pricey (one had costume chain at $44 a FOOT!), high wholesale requirements and the selection was very bleh.

There were a few highlights - a Venetian glass seller, an Asian porcelian artist, and a great gemstone dealer. It was at the gemstone table that I got this SCORE. Aren't they pretty??? I ALMOST plunked down the credit card for a $330 strand of rubies, that I REALLY wanted...but we need to buy a couch (still!) and couldn't justify the purchase....I did dream about it last night too. Also are 3 vintage enamel rosebud beads, begging to be made into a necklace

I also got a FABULOUS head/hood from Etsy Seller "Pillbox Productions". Kristen creates headgear out of rescued vintage fabrics, as well as alot of other pretty art. Check our her etsy shop HERE.

Here I am in my gorgeous 50's Barkcloth hood. Man do I need a real stylist, make up artist and photographer!

Isn't it cute?!?! She is killing me because theres a leopard one up, a black with bright floral print and an orange pillbox hat I am LUSTING after. So, if anyone feels the need to buy me something-theres a mini list! LOL

ok, must go work now. Laters!

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jessica.neaves said...

True dat. Not a lot of selection, yet I still somehow managed to spend WAY too much money.