Friday, July 20, 2007

where have I been???

Wow-its been nearly 2 weeks since I posted here. Where have I been??

Well, sick again and not being very productive. This non-existant Gallbladder/side pain problem has been giving me alot of grief. It started last year and comes and goes. This month its here. I've had a billion tests, drugs, sonograms, endo/colonoscopy-you name it to figure out WHAT the problem is. Yet everything comes back normal. While I'm very glad I don't have cancer, ulcers, colitis, gallstones, etc...I REALLY want them to find something so we can fix it! So while I"m sick, all results say healthy. Other than throwing the "you probably have IBS" at me, there has been no resolution of the problem or pain.

I have also been busy the last week, putting together some projects for book on paper arts. I got a last minute invite to join, and the deadline is Aug 1. So I had to spend time doing that so I could get it to them by the deadline. I will be mailing that off today-YAY!!!

Everyone who knows me knows my love/fanaticism of The Mighty Boosh. While I am ANXIOUSLY awaiting Series 3 this fall on BBC3, and the 'still up in the air' US tour dates, I recently found out they are being immortalized at Lush. King of the Mods and Goth Juice are 2 new hair styling products by Lush but not available in the US yet or on the UK website. I am torn between paying exhorbitant shipping from the UK Ebay a to get them, or just be patient and wait until they come to the US.....hmmm.......

Last night I woke up to a loud crash. Looked at the clock 4:40am. .Looked around in the dark, saw nothing, assumed our BAD cats were having their nocturnal BAD cat party and getting out of control as they often do that time of the morning.

Wake up this morning to an email from Rob that we had a nice little 4.2 earthquake at 4:40 am and the loud crash was my Oral B toothbrush falling off the shelf in the shower. The only other thing that fell over was a Dr. Who figure.. With ALLL the stuff I have on shelves, decorative glassware and pottery stuff everywhere and whatnot, I'm suprised only TWO things fell over. I'm glad though! I would be crying now if all my glass broke! Luckily, only the toothbrush broke, I put on a new head and hopefully it will be ok.

Today I need to get some work done. I haven't spun in about 2 weeks, which is not good for business. I assembled 2 necklaces this week, did some resin that didn't turn out becuase I was impatient, and spent alot of time working on some Craft Mafia Stuff. We will be putting on a show this fall, and we are busily trying to get the venue nailed down, working on getting all those ducks in a row. Jessica is heading up this event with me as the heavy, I mean helper LOL. I'll post here as soon as we get it ready to start accepting vendors.

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