Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Bit of a glitch, I must apologize

I just found out that my newsletter sign up on the webstore hasn't been working.....for about 3 months, ever since we had to do the Zencart Update! YIKES!

am so sorry for this, and wish I had figured it out sooner....So if you signed up for the newsletter and discount, it didn't come thru. Thats why no one got their discount coupons. II lost ALOT of emails I got from shows, because I typed them all in then threw away the paper..NOT SMART.

I'm gonna create a booklet JUST For shows, for the future. But for all you online people, if you would please sign up again, I will send you a 20% off coupon for the trouble. This time if you don't get an email that says "please confirm your subscription" let me know.

So sorry about all this!
Back to my spinning wheel!

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