Friday, August 24, 2007

long time no post!

Ate a delicious salad last Saturday adn got sicker than sick. Only today have I been able to eat solid food without repurcussions. I'll leave it at that LOL

I have much to post. First I got a Rocking Girl award from my girl Chel!! Thank you, honey and you look FABULOUS!!!!

I get to now pass it along to 5 bloggers I think ROCK so I pick : Chel, Jessica, Jennifer, Judy, and of course Tracie!

I got an email Wed, that a magazine will probably publish both jewelry pieces I sent in for recycled jewelry! YIPPEEE!!! Originally, I found out about the submission a week after the deadline but emailed anyway-following my personal motto "if you don't take a chance you don't stand a chance" asking politely if they could use more submissions to review. I'm a happy happy girl! I just need to do MORE of them LOL

I have been spending a ton of time on our SF craft mafia trunk show. Its gonna be GREAT, if I do say so myself!!!! Getting some wonderful stuff for the goodiebags and some great vendors!

I'm working on sending some stuff to Wholly Craft, and thought I'd send it out this week but that didn't happen with my lack of energy. I have it done and will pack it up this weekend and ship it out on Monday. I finally opened my shop on Smashing Darling but only added one resin necklace-again for the same reason of no energy/gallbladder/intestines hating me. I'll be doing double time next week, to make up for not doing anything this week! and I FINALLY called a wool supplier about opening a wholesale account with them since my local connections have dried up. I've been meaning to call them for a couple of months, but finally made myself sit and do it today.

I got Quickbooks Premiere to use for the business, but I have yet to sit down and do it. I installed it on the desktop,but I'm thinking I should have put it on the laptop instead... I haven't even started to look at it yet! Bad me!

and my art for the Charity auction at the Shooting Gallery sold to a very happy customer! I'll post a pic tomorrow.

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