Saturday, August 04, 2007

Lovelies in the mail!

I meant to post about this yesterday but have been so busy this week, I'm late. I've been trying to make a good impression over on my blog on Craft Gossip since I"m brand new, and working on stuff. I'm sending out a press release on Tuesday and getting together contact info for that too=harder than it sounds!
I have some GREAT people in my life!!! I got these 2 amazing perfume oils in the mail on Wed from Miz Bella at Dirty Roses

Sweet Charlotte and Lulu Honey Vamp. I fell in love with Lulu Honey Vamp on the name alone. in the bottle it smells citrusy-maybe lime??? On the skin it goes fruity floral then mellows into a honey cream smell. DELICIOUS! Sweet Charlotte smells light and sweet-like Gramma's lingerie drawer, on the skin a stronger floral scent comes thru, I'm not sure what it is but maybe Sweet William?? I don't know but its soft and lovely and feminine. Not my usual 'punch you in the nose' strong white flower smells I wear like Pikake, Tuberose, Lilies, etc... Its very pretty and I think perfect for a romantic evening if you get my drift ;-) she has a headache/stress balm that is a miracle worker. I don't think its on her site, and I'm trying to talk her into creating an Etsy shop=so go bug her to share her goodies with the world!!! hee hee
Also from her site, I found THIS amazing link: Velvet & Sweet Pea's Purrrfumery. OH MY GOD!! I am in love with her pics, her bottles and everything!! I would love to have some of the creme perfumes in their jeweled containers, and the seasonal HONEY perfume sounds HEAVENLY.....Maybe the perfume goddesses will smile down upon me one day and these will show up in my mail box too!!!
Also in the post this week we got a new toaster! YAY! the other one has been slowing dying for 4 months. This one is perfect in color and cooks FAST! I swear the old toaster took 5 mins to make toast.. I HEART my new toaster and hope to get the blender soon to replace the 55 yr old chrome one I have. Isn't it pretty?

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