Saturday, September 22, 2007

I just managed to finally got rid of the headache I woke up with yesterday...

It was a pre-migraine, not bad enough to completely knock me out, but enough to make life very unpleasant. And; of course, I had to keep bending over to clean up cat messes, picking up things I dropped, etc.....I have no migraine medicine so I drank alot of coffee and took alot of advil. I couldn't find my Headache Balm from Mz Bella that will usually take away at least 50% of the pain of these type headaches (which is enough to get thru the day) so I was trying to relieve it by caffeine and advil-no go. Instead, I was up until 4am, tired but unable to sleep. Woke up at 9 wanting to cry from lack of sleep and the headache.
But I'm much better now! Thankfully, I posted all my new yarns on the website on Thursday night, so I didn't have to rush and do it first thing friday am. I spent the latter part of today playing with my Gocco machine. I can't seem to get the hang of printing with it, so I use it to burn screens then use the screens like regular screenprinting with a squeegee. Here's some pics.

I also cleaned up my sewing section of my studio. Sat on the floor for 2 days and went thru fabric scraps YIPPEE! I got a wire shelf rack to put all the stuff I had piled in the corner and now its mostly folded and organized. But the rest of my room is a nightmare now. I took the metal cart I had the kiln on, to the kitchen to use for the microwave. So now the kiln is on my work table and the big drawer holder is on the floor. I need a card table to put the drawer unit on and clean up the table. I need to see if the container store sells little tables.
Tomorrow, I want to go to Pearl and get some opaque screenprinting ink for fabric. The fabric inks I got fadeto nothing on black. I also need to work on a scarf for a friend, I've only been promising for 9 months now! I want to learn to cable knit but I tried and screw it up horribly. Maybe it would help if i had some cable markers.............. mark that down for Pearl too.

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