Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mafia Made show is kicking my butt!

Organizing a show is hard..very hard...If you plan on organizing a show, make sure you have LOADS of help, seriously. 10 people would bea good number.

It took hours to go thru all the vendor applications! We have some quality vendors, but you hate to tell anyone they didn't get in. Its nothing personal, its just tough competition. And we only have so many allotted spaces per catagory=if you get 38 great jewelry artists but only have 9 alotted spaces you can only choose 9 people.

Now=I'm on the hunt for more goodie bag samples & swag, promos/business cards for the promo table and donated items for our Raffle (to benefit the SF ASPCA) So-if any of you can send me something for any of those things, please email me!

Also, I NEED to get some work done myself! I need to spin stuff for the show & website, I need to find a CC processor!, I need to get bags for the goodie bags, make jewelry, work on my newest project, write an article to submit to a magazine, etc, etc, etc!

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