Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday is my busiest day of the week. I am taking pics of the yarn and stuff, resizing, writing descriptions and updating the website. I should be doing that now.

Last night, our power went out because of the 40+mile an hour winds whipping thru San Francisco. Rob wanted to take me out to dinner but I had planned on sitting on my butt, reading magazines all day and ordering in. Since we had no power-we had no phone or internet and no way to order food. We decided to go up to Amici's for dinner, since the fancy restaurants on our street-Coco 500 and Fringale had no power either! Amici's has good Italian food, nothing super fancy but good.

I want to give a HUGE congrats and a hug to my friend Tara Finlay for her jewelry article in Belle Armoire Jewelry #3 magazine!! WOO HOO!! they look lovely!

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Tara Finlay said...

aw, thanks Barbe!!! And Happy Birthday to you too!!!