Saturday, October 27, 2007

Avoiding Cleaning

So, I have this thing about cleaning. I LOVE being in a clean, tidy place but the actual acts of cleaning & tidying up make me feel like a huge waste of time and bore me to tears..I find no joy in it a all, and avoid it. I don't like this aspect of myself, I LIKE being in a clean place-but I'd rather spend an hour making something than an hour sweeping & mopping the floor.....

I'm doing avoiding it again tonight. My studio is a real nightmare-but I'm updating my website and Etsy instead of picking up roving and putting away supplies....sigh......I'm a bad girl I know.

At least I'm being productive, not just websurfing. I have put up 6 resin mixed media pieces on the website that have been sitting here for months, and relisted and newly listed stuff on Etsy. Also new on the website are "paint box" fiber packs, little packs of color coordinated fibers, charms, beads, and whathaveyou's to add to a fiber project! Click the pics to go directly to the items.
Also, I put up a couple of new posts over at Craft Gossip too! If you haven't checked them out yet, go over and have a fun read!

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