Thursday, October 04, 2007

Still alive!

Still Swamped but still kicking! The show will be here sooner than later, and I'll be relieved when its done. I feel like a mother hen. I also have to get stuff together for Felt Club and for Crafty Wonderland too.

Update this week: I have a fall cold and thats really annoying.

Monday-FINALLY got fiber and dyed some...good grief it only took 6 weeks..........

Tuesday-went out to the Craft Inc. Book launch party on Tuesday at 111 Minna and met some REALLY cool women including Katy, Miss Mignonette and others. I meant to get a book but got to chatting and never did. Jessica gave me some amazing books to use for art including a 40's Audobon bird guide-which is what I've been looking for for MONTHS! woo hoo me!

Yesterday: worked on finishing up some magazine gallery submissions and sent them off

Today: Went down to Sampler Town and picked up some goodiebag stuff. Got to hang out with Jenni and Marie for a bit, love those girls!

I got ONE yarn done this week, oi vay! WILL update tomorrow though with the last Halloween yarn I did, a scrappy cat yarn and the new yarn. I REALLY need to bust my butt with spinning but I'm not feeling creative right now. I want to sew since my little sewing area is all cleaned up and I want to knit since I'm finally getting the hang of it. I also learned how to do a simple cable this past week too! Lookie here!

I'm half finished with Michael's scarf....I've spun yarn and knitted it 4 times, nothing was 'right'. This last dye batch is perfect and I finally did a ribbing pattern that works with the chunkiness and still looks good. Now I need to create the BLING part of it, and I'll post a pic when its done.

I need/want to do some resin this weekend. Note to self: Do NOT buy Alumilite Resin=its full of bubbles, no matter how hard you try to not put them in or get rid of them. The website says it needs a pressure pot, and they aren't lying. I don't have a pressure pot and frankly-they scare the heck out of me since I remember one exploding when I was a kid.....Back to Colores resin for me.

I finally got my Ravely invite-now what to put on it??? I am nearly finished with my Stitch Diva shrug pattern I started...oh.....4 yrs ago??? It was so monotonous I just couldn't finish the sleeves. Spend the last couple of weeks doing it before I went to sleep-now I just need to knit the ribbing around the edge and sleeves and its good to go!!! I also got the Lacy Styles book to make a shrug, and I'm happily suprised there are alot of patterns I want to make in it!!!

I'm still the jewelry making editor at Craft Gossip-so go read it please!!! Also, looking for stuff to review-products, books, stuff, etc... email me if you want a review

ok-MUST go work now!

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