Friday, October 12, 2007

Website Update

I was a super busy girl yesterday-on the computer ALLL DAAYYY!

Had lots of blog posting to do over at Craft Gossip, took pics, resized them, updated some jewelry to the website, update yarns, did PR for the show,Etsy, etc, etc, I need to do about 4 times as a much

A few of the things that went up on the website-I did 3 yarns this week and am putting up loads of jewelry. Black Opal yarn is my fave and I need to make myself one!

Things on Etsy:
Much to do and I need to keep going. Its a cold dreary day in San Francisco. Raining cats and dogs-the kind of day that begs for a mug of Mexican hot chocolate and fleece jammies.. Sadly I have neither so I will have to muddle thru with my cardamon coffee and leopard flannel jammies!

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