Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I've put up this sweet Raven ring in my Etsy shop today. Its a prototype, and I'd like to do more, but not sure if/when I will. They are in vintage ring bases that I have, so there will be a limited number of them. I also put up an Art Purse I did with a vintage Barbie image on it-cute!

I'm on a kick to clear stuff OUT right now. There are a couple of reasons for this-one is: I need to get a new camera. My Nikon is a fine little travel camera, but I'm finding out it isn't good for taking good closeup pics of jewelry...sigh...I've been lusting after a Canon Rebel for over a year now, and more and more people I know have them and love them. The price has dropped quite a bit, and its the camera I want to get. Just need to make the $$$ for it!

And reason #2 is: I've decided to completely re-arrange our living set up. But in order to do that, I know that I"m going to have to get rid of at least 33% of stuff in my work room and probably 50%

Thats hard for an artstuff hoarder-I might NEED those broken eggshells SOME DAY!!!

Truth is, I have been yearning for a streamlined, cleaner, organized space where I can FIND anything I want to use for a while now. Even though I have stuff organized, I have so much, I often can't find things. I need to get real with all the stuff I DON'T use and let it go to someone who will use it. Do I need this pasta machine and motor when I don't do polymer clay anymore?? do I need the clay? Do I need all this metal/bits of wood/stuff when I'm not doing any art right now?? I think I'd be happer with LESS stuff that I'll use, than all this stuff sitting here not being used but making me feel chaotic.

I want to move my work stuff out to the front area where the kitchen/living area is now. Its really cramped as a living room, but WHEN I cull my stuff down, I think it will make a great workarea/studio. AND I'll be able to invite people over for open studio and to have craft party time.

The main reasons for this are that the current set up works but doesnt' feel right, and I REALLY need a bedroom with a door...Love my cats but dear lord they are BAD at night. I need to lock them out so I can sleep without Puddin' draping herself on my pillow or Nef waking me up by clawing my face, or Silver walking over me back and forth back and forth... And I feel a bit overwhelmed by all this STUFF in my room. I can't feel productive in here.

So-I'm going thru stuff now in addition to creating, marketing, listing, etc..... I KNOW I won't be able to clear out 33% on the first go round, but thats ok. I'll do it 2 or 3 times and get it down. Also, I'll be more aggressive with selling off stuff too, and will be listing more on Etsy and Ebay as well as my own website. I'm also actively looking for retail stores to carry my stuff too. Busy busy but I know if I can get clear on my vision, I can make it happen.


Teija said...

Hey! Greetings from Finland!
Just stopped by your bloga nd decide to leave a comment!

Love the ring..

Val! said...

I love this ring! How in the world did u make it?

Saints and Sinners said...

Thanks Teija!

and Val-hi, I JUST got this message!!! 2 months later, dang!
I work alot in resin,& thats what this ring is. I made a cab for the ring setting and carved/sanded the back to give it a frosted look. I made 2 of these and they both flew away, so I just put another on my website. They take a bit of time, and I need to make some more!