Sunday, December 02, 2007

Been down with a light flu for the past week and haven't posted. Will have a BIG update next week on the website, I promise! I have been making stuff all week when I could sit upright for the show last night. Above is a pic of some new Wanderlust pendants and other resin-y goodness that I worked on!

I was really sick, but did the show anyway. It was fun and I met and talked to some really cool people, but sadly sales were WAY down. While I would have loved to come home with pockets bursting with cash and an empty box its not all bad because I have LOADS of beautiful stuff to put on the site!!!!! I sold both my resin raven rings the last 2 shows so I guess I will have make some more of those. Also, I did some gloves about 2 months ago and haven't gotten a chance to list them on the site and now I'm down to 2 pair so I need to get busy with those too!

Today-Is do NOTHING day!!! I am really in pain with sinus headache today and its a chilly day so I am going to just relax, surf the web, buy some handmade holiday gifts and plan my work week.

I also need to get some things together for another show. I'm really excited to be a part of PCM's Holidaze Craft Craze Sale Dec 15 & 16 so if you live in the North Bay be sure to come and check out all the great vendors!!!

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