Friday, December 14, 2007

I've gone Buggy!!!

Of the many jewelry things I've collected over the years, I really love vintage copper jewelry and 40's vintage plastic cicada pins. I love these bugs, but they are near impossible to find now. While I look off an on for them, I haven't gotten any in a couple of years so I FINALLY got off my duff and made some reproduction ones. I antiqued a couple with black to bring out detail, then painted the top left one with an iridescent paint to make it more realistic. I think I prefer the purist plain color ones, but someone else may like the painted ones. I'm going to play around with some more colors today then I'll put some on the website in a few days, in the resin section.
Rob has been gone all week to Cowtown (aka Columbus) to visit his Mom. I made her and her girlfriend making neckwarmers in red & gray because they are huge Buckeye fans. I'm not a scarf person and I personally dislike having all that stuff hanging in front, getting tangled in my purse, my hair, my coat, etc...But some people love giant scarves-so I was taking a chance sending those-I wasn't sure they'd like them, but Rob said they absolutely loved them.
Speaking of, I need to make myself a few neckwarmers to wear! I knit up one from a single I spun when I first started spinning. Its supersoft baby alpaca with red angelina. I love it but the knit slanted-so I pulled it out and knit it again. Its still slanting slightly. I have to try and block it. I don't have a quilters square (cat peed on it!) and my ironing board is thin but I"ll give it a go today. If it doesn't work, I'll pull it out again then ply that yarn, the reknit it. I REALLY dont' want to do that!

Today is cleaning up the house, I put up the small pink tree upstairs, and the tiny aqua on top the microwave late last night to get in the Holiday spirit. I have stuff ALL OVER that I need to pick up and make the place presentable for when Rob gets back.
Lots of holiday shows this weekend too I want to go to= tonight I'm going over to Craft Gym for their trunk show- Indie Wrap Up. Tomorrow, I may hit up Secession Gallery for their holiday show then on Sunday its Threads over at the Convention Center.


Tara Finlay said...

The cicadas are cool!
I am absolutely beside myself with MY cat that keeps peeing on everything. What the heck??? I am terrified she is going to pee on my new purple velvet tree skirt. I love cats but when these two are gone, I am taking a cat break.

Petaluma Craft Mafia said...

These are awesome! Only you could such awesome coolness. I bought a necklace 6 years ago, that is some kind of metallic greenish lavender winged beetle embedded in a clear faceted acrylic pendant. I love him. My worry is ... I hope he didn't suffer for his beauty.

Hope that nasty flue "bug" you had a bit ago is gone. Take care of yourself.