Friday, December 07, 2007

I've updated the website with a bunch of new jewelry last night. I need totake pics and add the yarn and 2 more Wanderlust pieces (New Orleans & Hong Kong) today. This weekend is all about ME crafting to craft for craftsake, maybe even some sewing........... And cleaning my room cause its a nightmare! I need to make some gifts but feel too chaotic, so I need to do something about it this weekend.

I am finally getting better from this lingering flu....still super tired..ugh! It finally rained here yesterday, it was nice but Bettie didn't like it! She is like a cat, she hates to get wet and refuse to walk on wet pavement. Mini Diva dog! She has a pink pvc Barbie Rain coat that fits her head/chest but is too small in the stomach, so I need to add an extension to the strap. I keep forgetting to get some pink pvc at the fabric store, I should just do it in whatever I have so she can wear it on the rainy days.

I got some Pumpkin Spice Soymilk= tasty but a little light on the pumpkin flavor. Great on its own (guzzling from the carton!)or would be great in chai. I'll try it that way this weekend.

Rob is excited about the Speedracer movie, and sent me this trailor. I admit it looks fun and is nostalgic for us old folks. I think it would be a good kids movie too.

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