Monday, December 03, 2007

No Complaining

I decided last night that I would take part in a workshop exercise that includes no complaining for one week. I would start today, and see what happens. I use to complain ALL the time, then I came to realize that is just attracting more things to complain about so I have been better. But I wanted to see what would happen if I consciously didn't complain for a full 7 days.

Well, the morning started off on the wrong foot with being sick and the phone ringing non stop since 8:30am,, so I've already shot not complaining this morning but its interesting to actually CATCH myself complaining mentally in my head. Seriously! I found myself saying I hate whoever is calling me at 8:30am, I hate this pain, I hate being sick, I hate feeling grumpy, etc....and I wasn't even really CONSCIOUS that I was saying all this negative crap to myself! NOT GOOD!

So, the rest of the day I will put forth the effort to NOT complain, to look at trying situations in a different perspective and see how I fare the rest of the week.

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