Friday, December 28, 2007

so the cold weather has put the chronic fatigue in HIGH gear for me the last few weeks. I can shake the utter exhaustion and my legs feel so heavy and achey. bleh! And today was really really bad due to stress.

To add insult to injury-last night I went to add some cat pics to my Zune and the file was empty. I looked at the other cat files-all empty. Looked in other My Picture files-all empty. ALL my photos were gone. and I had a meltdown.
3 weeks ago when I got the zune and installed the software it automatically uploaded all the pics in the My Photos directory, over 5000 pics. That software leaves ALOT to be desired, any way. I looked at the instructions on how to get them off the device and spent an hour deleting them.

It turns out that it also deleted them from my computer too.........

I can't tell you how horrible that was to realize-all my photos GONE and I wouldn't be able to replace them. All the pics of the cats, of my daughter, of friends, of things I created, of when we got married, of our trips, everything GONE. I sat and cried for three hours over it........Then I had to come to the conclusion that no amount of weeping was going to bring them back and it certainly wasn't helping me either, so I accepted the fact that it was what it was, and to move on. Rob thought maybe he could find them and recover them, I was resigned that they were gone.
He stayed up until 3:30am to try and figure it out, and said found 12. He took the external harddrive down and backed up my system on there so this won't happen again.

he came home today and spent more time on it, and recovered alot, but alot were corrupted and can't be recovered. They are gone forever. I am happy that I got a good portion of them back because I was resigned that I had nothing.

So, please everyone-BACK UP YOUR SYSTEMS!!!!!! Save important docs and pics to a seperate hard drive too. I don't want anyone to go thru the pain I did last night and feel that hopelessness


Gypsy Purple said...

Hope you had a blessed Christmas. Wishing you and yours a prosperous 2008!!!

ZNE ~ variaZioNE! said...

Oh my gosh! This SO happened to me about a year and a half ago (not because of ZUNE, but because of a crash). I lost the entire ZNE Zine issue two layout, all the artwork, articles, and MORE.

I literally went into a panic attack induced depression for over a week, and still have not been able to pull Issue 2 back together from scratch. Way too many bad memories. Ha!

Ah well - thanks for the reminder to backup!

& HAPPY NEW YEAR and all best wishes for a year full of creative dreams coming true - to you and yours from me and ZNE!!

xoxo - Chel

Saints and Sinners said...

thanks girls!