Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I've been quiet but I've been busy!!!! See the evidence below.

Now I have to resize pics and list..that takes a full day!
I bought Quickbooks Pro to have a better set up for my business. I'm not really figuring it out yet and since its been years since I was the Word/Excel/MYOB whiz, its kinda intimidating to me. I was going to take the free class at City College but it was 4 hours a day, 4 days a week for for weeks-sorry but I think thats a bit overkill and sucks up too much of my time. I'll probably end up taking a weekend class at Learning Annex or some computer place. Costs alot more but time is worth more than money.
I messed up my neck sleeping all kinked up on Sat night and its still messed up. I've had a head and neck ache for 4 days now and its getting old. Teh pain makes me not want to do anything either-which isn't good for productivity. Hopefully it will magically be gone tomorrow...I keep massaging it but I need more pressure and a different angle than I can do myself.


JUST ME said...

Thanks for passing by and checking out my v-day hearts. Please e-mail me your address at and I will send you one. P.S. I understand about the neck problems. I have been battling a bad neck problem for at least a year now. Rubbing ice not and bengay and putting how towels on it. I understand about it getting old. it's a pain in my ----. Take care and I hope you start feeling better. I am digging your necklaces and earings. I will be checking out your etsy shop soon. Love, be true be u - angelica

Anonymous said...

Halloh Mah Preschusshhh! I've just added your loverly blog to my blog ;)
Your stuff is fabulous as always!