Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Well 2008 is off to a cracking start! I've been making my daily to do list and that is REALLY helping me be productive and feel accomplished. I've updated the website TWICE this past week! go me!!!

I've been working on my list of goals/intentions for 2008. I find breaking it down into catagories like Health/Business/Art/Home/Personal really helps. Its too daunting for me to try and write them without breaking it down. I'm also making lists of things I need to have/do to get more organized and of supplies need to get more organized.

I've made a number of jewelry sales this past week YAY! And I'm on the exercycle every morning riding my 5 1/2 miles a day. Why 5 1/2 miles you ask? Well, I tend to bike at 5 miles in 18 mins so I just go for 20 mins. Its a slow start because I don't want to throw myself back into a fibromylagia state and with the damp weather, my legs and heelspurs/plantar fasciiatis has been pretty painful. So I'll eventually work up to doing an hour but I'm not going to push myself right now.

My main focus right now is figuring out how to rearrange the living space. I'm torn between buying some Elna Shelving system (on sale right now at the Container store) and putting that under the stairs OR using the multitude of cabinets and stuff I currently have and putting the $150 I'd use on the Elna into the savings account to get a washer dryer combo. I want a washer/dryer, for convenience sake -but having a streamlined and all one style shelving unit would be nice too. I need to figure out which is a bigger priority to me right now.

I'm also getting rid of stuff-seems like that has been a constant thread in my life in the last 2 yrs-declutter declutter declutter. I'm putting stuff on Ebay and Etsy. I am preferring Ebay because I want it GONE, stuff sits too long on Etsy. I NEED this little ol fireplace and this electric spinning wheel to find a new homes asap too so I can move stuff around.

I just ordered a ton of supplies to make more Wanderlust Necklaces. Hope they get here soon. Its been so grey out, I think I want to clear space and do some enameling. I won't mind the room being 100 degrees when its only 45 degrees outside.

My friend Leilania posted on her blog yesterday about personal symbology. I find it interesting what we all use in our artwork, so I'm going to do a post just on that next.

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