Saturday, January 12, 2008

Whats up with computers today?

my goodness...I couldn't post on LJ, Flickr had "hiccups" then went completely down, and now I can't get my 'just installed, not an hour old' Quickbooks to recognize the there somekind of technology version of mecury in retrograde going on today?????

Yesterday I attemped to etch some silver for wanderlust pendants. I say attempted because it wasnt' as successful as I had wanted. In order to avoid paying a $30 hazmat charge on top of regular shipping and cost of silver etchant, I bought the powdered chemical. Not cheap either but less. The first batch turned out great a month ago, and this batch took ALL DAY to etch lightly. I dont' know fi the powder got moisture or if it was too cold in here or what...but I wasn't happy. I'll buy buy the fluid version with the massive shipping fee next time.

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