Friday, January 25, 2008

Yesterday, Rob and I celebrated our 10 year wedding Anniversary. It was very lowkey because I was feeling tired from fibro and its raining cats and dogs.

He suprised me with this:

We're going to Wales-this fall. I need to start up my Welsh lessons again! I am sure we will include some London in there as well so that I can visit my friends Theresa and Peter & Suz.

We also need the time so we can start hardcore training Bettie to get along with other dogs. We need find SOMEPLACE to board her while we are gone. The cats are no problem, but having a Chihuahua with severe seperation anxiety, fear of dogs, fear of people, and picky about when she potties is a REAL handful! Sadly her BFF Peanut and her mom moved to San Jose and they got another dog Bently. Otherwise I'd be begging Brenda to watch her. I'm sure we'll be able to find some solution by Sept.

Today was a lazy day. I want to do resin this weekend, but it is raining cats and dogs so I probably won't. I will solder up a ton of pendants and cut out the map paper and get it all ready so the next sunny/less humid day I will be ready to go. I have also spun up some new yarns and am getting back into spinning finally.

Tonight I am going to tackle the Quickbooks cd I got..wish me luck!

Also, Bernie is in the top 8 and godswilling she'll stay there and win the $50k!!!!!THANK YOU to everyone that donated!!! I'm going to make up a prize too to donate to the giveaways, check Claudines blog for a full list of prizes!!!


stellamystar said...

Hey Barbe, I hope you bump into the Captain! If you get North come and visit the Glasgow Craft Mafia!

Hope everything is going well, take care of yourself, Jo xx

Saints and Sinners said...

Oh I wish we could come up to Scotland!!! Rob and I were talking about it but are thinking it would be too much to do in 10 days....but you NEVER know!!!!

Laume said...

I found your blog through the One World-One Heart list and then, scrolling down through your most recent posts, found this one. Oh. My. Stars! We must be the same person. My chihuahua sounds like your Bettie. We have been known to split vacations because there's no one to leave her with - sigh. Recently she's started to tolerate other dogs but she doesn't look to happy about it. She loves her own big dog of course, and she loves all her cats and anyone elses cats. And teens. They seem to pass her test of acceptable species, as she has a teen of her very own. Everyone else she likes or tolerates dependent on some invisible factor only she knows. Sorry to ramble on but I've become one of those crazy old ladies who LOVES her dog.
As for WALES - how exciting! Have you ever been? My youngest son and I had the pleasure of visiting Wales when we went on a month long visit to the UK in 2006. We only spent a few days there but I'd go back and discover more of Wales in a heartbeat, it was lovely. If you'd like to see some photos from our trip you can find them on my blogs - probably be able to gather them altogether by typing "Conwy" into the search box.

Well, I've blabbered on, haven't I. It was nice to "meetcha".

stellamystar said...

perhaps Captain Jack could sort you out with some time travel option that lets you pack more in!

take care!