Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I did some work today

I'm feeling better!! YAY!!! I even managed to get the TINIEST amount of work done, and I am feeling better by the hour.

I took some not so great pics and listed some jewelry up on my Etsy shop. Not much but hey-its something!!! I have so much catch up to do but I won't stress over it-things will get done when they get done. Its been great looking at alot of the blogs who are participaing in OWOH giveaway too. I'm loving alot of the custom blogspots I'm seeing, and its making me want to do mine even more. I'm not skilled in any CSS or HTML stuff but I'm going to look and see if I can find some good tutorial websites. I'd like my side colums to have a smaller text, for the titles to be underlined and a few other things....
Anyway-here's a couple of pieces I finished while sickly and put up today on Etsy.

Birds Sing Sweetly Under A Blue Summer Sky Necklace

and I Fly To You On Gossamer Wings Necklace

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