Sunday, February 10, 2008

I'm having a great time reading peoples blogs thru the OWOH giveaway and looking at blogs from their blog links!

I have a bloglines account and I really need to start utilizing it. I've added a number of your blogs to my sidebar but having bloglines makes it easier to read thru.

I also need to get an email signup on this blog. I send out newsletters about 5 times a year for my website but I am only getting one or two people signing up for the newsletter a month!!!! Thats not good marketing on my end LOL. So I need to ramp it up and get out there more.

I spent the last hours moving & re arranging books. NOT too smart. I thought walking them across the room and putting them on a bookcase would be easy work today. Nope! I am still having alot of trouble breathing and totally out of energy, so I have stopped now. I'm only 1/2 done but it can wait. I guess I can just take some pics while I sit at the computer and update my etsy shop.
Does anyone else have a Smashing Darling shop??? I haven't gotten one nibble over there and I am curious how it is doing for other people.

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