Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Lookie at me in Artful Blogging Mag!!!!

HOW flattered am I that Artful Blogging Magazine has picked this blog header as one of their faves??? THANK YOU Artful Blogging! I feel like mine was so boring compared to the others chosen, and now I want to glam it up a bit. I love seeing how people make their blogs so pretty and great representations of their artwork. And while I have the Butterfly Handspun Yarn in mine, I think it lacks OOMPH, so I'll work on that this weekend. hopefully that is!

And this blog in general could use a sprucing up too. Blogger is great for having templates, but I need to tweak it a bit. I don't really know how to do HTML, and know nothing about CSS, so I'm trying too look at peoples hacking tutorials and adding stuff. I think I may just try to find someone to create a new template for me.

I've done about 1/3 of what I call "the great movearound of 2008" i.e.-switching things around this little apt. My bookcases and books are in the upstairs loft room, and my desk/computer and one case are out in the front downstairs. Next-clearing out more stuff, organizing, moving out the work table/kiln and assorted stuff from the studio. Then put together the new headboard, bring down the bed, take up the couch and move clothing around, clean clean clean LOL. The goal is to have it done by the end of the month......we'll see. I still need to be able to work on spinning yarn and making art and jewelry-but I haven't done much of that this month as it is, so I guess I shouldn't stress over it.

Its amazing what stuff you can let go of when motivated. I went thru my books and have a stack to sell and 2 bags full that went to Goodwill. Why was I holding on to books & maps on London were printed in 1993???? Was I afraid that was my only connection and I'd never go back? I think so, so off they went. Why do I have computer diskettes (remember those!) from the first HP I got when we got married TEN yrs ago?? lordy! A suprising amount went out this weekend without much effort at all which is nice and I have a stack of stuff to sell which will go into the Wales Trip fund (even nicer!!!!)

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