Thursday, February 07, 2008

So while being sick the past weekend and beginning of this week, I was lucky to come across S4C -the Welsh Language TV channel online-They have a number of shows up (only for a couple of weeks at time it looks like) that you can watch on your computer as well as a live feed, which I have only been able to catch live a couple of times because some shows can't be shown for copyright issues.

but no matter, I need to hear people speaking it so it will become ingrained in my head and make my understanding a bit easier. I have gotten into the gangster show Y Pris, OOOHHHH that episode 13 ending!!!! But I won't spoil it incase any of you watch it. I just checked and now there are only 3 epidsodes up, I watched about 7 of them-well try to catch the last 3 if you can!!!

I also watched a show called SOS Galw Gari Tryfan (SOS Calling Gary Tryfan) which was a cute sci fi show about a detective from 1957 who gets sucked into our world and tries to solve why he's here and how to get back. Being a bit of a nitpicky vintage freak=I thought the dress and styles they had of their 957 aesthetic was WAY more 1947, but I'm sure most people didn't notice. Sadly it went off the site on Feb 5th-so you can't watch it. Maybe youtube or bittorrent.
I have also watched some of the news shows and other entertainment shows.

Also, I've picked up a 'bad' habit that last 2 weeks of staying up until 1 to watch Dallas on the Soap Network....its addictive!!!! I need to just get the videos on Netflix or tape them so I don't stay up all night. I use to love watching it back in the day-looking at it now OH BOY did we have some frizzy hair in the 80s!!! LOL

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Moxieville said...

Bad girl watching those Dallas re-runs! My hair was bigga then the entire Lone-Star state I"m afraid. With all that hair-spray we all helped put a sizeable dent in the Ozone layer in the 80's.

I'm embarrassed to say I found The Hallmark channel oddly uplifting and fairly addictive. Hey! The holidays were really tough on me this year. ;)

I'm loving you blog. I linky-pooed it to Moxieville.