Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Talking about Scrappy Cats

Since I posted my One World One Heart post, I've gotten a number of questions and emails about the Scrappy Cats yarns, so I figured I'd try to answer them all in one post rather than 15 different posts.

A couple of people asked if I "got hair from animal shelters that you can spin into yarn or if the yarn is made from dog hair?". While I will admit that there will probably be a few cat hairs in them since I have a number of kitties, the fiber I use in these yarns are all from Sheep or Alpacas that live on a rescue farms. There are a number of rescue farms that sell small amounts of wool from their own animals to help bring in some income. These animals have come from many different bad situations, to live their lives out in comfort and peace on these farms. I encourage everyone to visit a local rescue farm (google to find one near you!) and to buy produce, soap or products to help them fed, raise and save more animals. The farm I buy the majority of my wool is called Frene Creek Farm. Laurie is a WONDERFUL person, and has yarn, wool, scarves and even antiques on their website, so check them out! (I'd love someone to buy me a couple of her Egyptian Arches!) Another place I just came across while looking for some handmade soap is Coda's Haven and they sell goat milk soap they make from 20 rescue goats. So please check them out, the soap is embarressingly inexpensive at $2.85 per bar and it helps save animals lives.

another question I had was: Where do you get repurposed yarn? All the yarn I use is leftovers from peoples knitting/crocheting projects that they would probably have thrown away because the yardage wasn't enough for them to do anything with-this is mostly commercial yarn but I also get handspun too. People also give me UFO's (un finished objects) that I tear apart and reuse the yarn from them. And I also have been known to rip apart sweaters if they are hideously made or perhaps theres a hole or stain that can't be fixed.

Another was: "why would you spin yarn from old yarn?" Good question!

I am freeing up some landfill space by re using bits of yarn that would normally have been thrown away. I support animal rescues by buying their product which helps them keep going and saving more lives. I give back by donating my profits of the yarns to A Place to Bark which helps Bernie keep going and save more animals. And finally the customer who buys them also gets eco points for buying the yarn and helps support animal rescue. Its a win-win situation all the way around.

On my website I have a link to my press release about these yarns and about Bernie and A Place to Bark if you are interested in reading it. Also, please feel free to tell others about the yarns too or if you are a press outlet, I'm free for interviews about it too. I need to restock the website because I think I am down to 9 yarns in there and will do some this week-if the flu cooties die soon.

so I hope that answers everyones general questions-if not, feel free to ask me more. :-)

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