Friday, February 01, 2008

Well, I'm a bit saddened to say Bernie was not in the top 4 of the charity contest. She was #5-close but still far away.

Even though she didn't get the grant, she won on SOOOOOO Many other levels. The sheer effort from hundreds of people, many of whom don't even KNOW her raised over $40,000 in 3 weeks time. That is an impressive show of love and support. People pulling together to promote, spreading the word about the challenge and soliciting more donations shows me the power of caring and networking. Sometimes is hard to see that it still exists in this jaded world of ours. Bernie also gets a matching $35,000 from the Zoline Foundation as well so she will still be able to build a shelter, a bit smaller than she had hoped-but she can still do it. And a smaller shelter is MUCH better than no shelter. I think that between now and the time they break ground, we should be able help her get alittle closer to what she originally wanted.

I want to send out a HUGE and heartfelt THANK you to my fellow helper angels in this endevour-everyone who donated, everyone who spread the word to everyone they knew and all the groups, and everyone who offered prizes. Their is strength in numbers and we've proven it.

I can't wait to see who wins my Scrappy Cat yarns too! I can't wait to create them for someone special. Also, if want the yarns but are afraid you won't win, don't fret. I have a number of them for sale on my website and 100% goes to A Place to Bark

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