Thursday, March 06, 2008

I need to send a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY Greeting out to my minion Jessica,
and Linda from the Yarn Museum and Thomas Wynn too-Happy Birthday kids!!! I hope you guys are having wonderful birthdays.

I don't want to get all morose and teary eyed on here, I've been on the go since 7am trying to keep busy rather than cry. That has been working relatively well-except for when people call to ask about Pan, then I lose it again when I have to talk.

I'm updating my Etsy shop and having sales on alot of stuff in there. I want it to go, and we have over $5000 in Vet Bills from Neph's surgery last month and now this, so the $$$ would be nice too.

Also, if you haven't signed up for the newsletter, NOW would be a good time to do it. I'm going to send one out next week and there WILL be a goodsized coupon in it.


Stacy Alexander said...

Thought about you all day today. Didn't call for exactly the reason you just mentioned. I didn't want us both to start crying.

I'd like to feature you on my blog ASAP....especially now that you have these added expenses. It might help you generate some biz. Will you email me about this when you feel up to it?


Saints and Sinners said...

thanks honey! I promise to email you asap.

Jessica said...

Minion?!? Hahahahaha! Thanks for the birthday wishes.