Friday, March 14, 2008

I've tried to keep busy this week being creative, sort of like trying to raise a Phoenix from the ashes if you will.......I am slowing coming out of this sad place, mail love is helping.

I got the Spring issue of Make it Mine Magazine on Weds with some jewelry & gloves in there (will post pic later). I also got the Interweaved book with my yarn in it and it looks AMAZING!!! I am so happy to be a part of both of those projects!

I also managed to make some jewelry EUREKA! not as quickly as I wanted but no complaining. I have 14 house pendants to photograph and list today as well as one yarn. I also got a great interview with an amazing lampwork artist and someone I am blessed to know- Carter Seibels over at Craftgossip, so go check it out.

Off to finally get a shower and then continue to work! Pics coming later.

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JUST ME said...


Thanks for visiting my blog and giving me your good wishes on my move back home to Chicago. Appreciate it a bunch. Hope you are doing well today! Have a good one.

Angelica Torrez