Thursday, March 20, 2008

Pics for your amusement

I am trying to put more interesting things for you all to look at and read. So heres a few-

I am Wonder Woman

This is the pair of pliers I managed to break last weekend.....I apparently am Wonder Woman and didn't know it. This is the 2nd pair of pliers I've broken in the last 13 months. Wonder if I can use my powers for good rather than breaking pliers LOL. Of course they were the ONLY pair of round nose pliers I had, sans a tiny/travel pair that I hate to use cause they are only 4 inches long. I need to go over to General Bead and get another pair tomorrow. I meant to order some from Rio Grande all week, but that never happened.


This is a special yarn I spun up for a colorful and talented artist couple I know. I said I would spin it 3 weeks ago, but life got in the way and I just didn't have it in me to be creative the last 2 weeks. Poor Michael had to wait a yarn for his scarf because sometimes my work just doesn't go as fast as I want. But its ok, because I think this turned out great.
I wanted to make something in the same colors they use, so they could use it to make stuff and have it all blend together. I wasn't sure about the colors when I dyed the roving, they looked a little blah. The yarn had its own ideas and turned out absolutely gorgeous (IMHO) and really looks like the colors they use in their artwork. I hope they love it as much as I loved creating it for them. MUST get it in the mail to them tomorrow before they head off to Artfest!
Ghosts and Shadows Necklace
This is a mixed media Neo Victorian necklace I finished this week and will add to the website tomorrow. I really like it and need to stop looking at it!

I have a bunch of yarn ideas floating around my head. I have 3 yarns to put up for tomorrow on my site along with a bunch of necklaces, I need to revamp the site a bit, a bunch of stuff to resize and list on Etsy and Ebay but I am burnt out on the computer right now. I have spent a large portion of the day online, resizing pics and what not and I just do not want to do an update...but I must. So I will post more eye candy pics tomorrow.


CatHerder said...

I guess youre stronger than you thought lol. Love the yarn, and the necklace is beautiful! Did you ever "de-stink" the Bastet?

Jinann said...

Love the special spinning job - the yarn looks wonderful!

Wow....two pairs of plyers, eh? You don't know your own strength!