Saturday, March 08, 2008

Tenth Life

My husband wrote this story and created this pic (of Pan & Spot who passed 2 yrs ago) the day after we put him to sleep. Yesterday, he made a shadow box with the photo and story in it for us. I couldn't stop crying when he gave it to me or anytime I read it. I want to share it with all of you that have/or are going thru this same situation. You WILL cry so have some tissues ready.

Tenth Life

The warmth of the sun on his fur felt like the stroking hands that had just been there, and he remembered. “I miss them already. My lives with them were so good.” He wished they could see him now. He felt so much better and just wanted to play. Well, perhaps after he ate, and napped for a bit in this long green grass. He looked to his friend who, it seemed, had been here waiting for him. “Will we ever see them again?”

“You can see them whenever you wish,” his friend replied. “Just look into the pond and you’ll be able to watch over them, wherever they are.” They looked out to the beautiful valley in front of them, and saw others in the distance. There would be so much to see, so much to do. “And we’ll all be together again someday. You’ll find that time here is… different.” He nuzzled against his long-lost – now found – companion. “It will feel like no time at all.”
Rest In Peace, Pan -- We Love You!


Benjiman said...

What I said was something along the lines of 'I hope i have to time to write here and finish this, and if not in the morning than tomorrow night' which i never was able to do. Life comes at ya! By the way, i like the picture and I'm assuming they were your dogs? I too like valleys. Valley in welsh is 'cwm'.
P'nawn da!

CatHerder said...

Oh no Barb...youve got me crying again. RIP Pan, I hope Angel, Fred, Casey and Sushi are all hanging out with you!

LampworkDiva said...

So sorry about your kitty - it's horrible when you have to put them to sleep. One of my kitties just died a couple months ago - I know how you feel. Sending warm thoughts to you.


So sorry to hear about your kitty, Barbe. I know how you feel, it's just like losing any dear person in your life. I hope to see you soon and just wanted you to know I was thinking of you.

You were right, the story totally made me cry.