Monday, March 31, 2008

Whoopee!!! Big News!!!!

I'm was asked to teach at the ZNE Convenzione this summer!! WOO HOO!!!
Its gonna be FUN!! I'm really excited and hope I don't BURST before then. I've been bouncing off the walls this weekend. LOL
I'm so honored to be included. There are a TON of other great teachers-Susan Tuttle, Sally Jean, Deb Trotter, Missy Balance, JoAnnA Pierotti, DJ Pettit, Lisa Kaus, and Gina Gabriell theres alot of talent teaching here!!! It will be Friday August 22 ~ Sunday August 24 in Pleasanton, California, which is a beautiful city.
Early registration is TOMORROW for the first 50 people ONLY!!! Then you have to wait until April 23rd (I think,be sure to check the date on the site). So if you want to come, get cracking first thing tomorrow!! LOL

I hope some of you will come and say hello!

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