Saturday, April 26, 2008

Crafty Meet Up

Today I went to the CCCOE meet & greet, held at SFMOMA Cafe. I got there a wee bit early to poke around the museum beforehand. It was a GORGEOUS day today and a perfect day to be social.

Not a large crowd but super NICE women! There was Annie (Curbside Treasures) Renee ( Shop Whimsy) Oh May (ohmay) Nadine (the sea within), Casey (Khaos Cat) and Jessica (Pattiserie Jolie), and me. We talked and laughed and had a good time. Please check out all their shops, they all make gorgeous things! And it was great to meet so many talented creative women, we get very hermit like in Northern California for some reason and we don't often do things like this...and we SHOULD. CCCOE is a very lively Etsy group and they are very motivated-its quite inspiring. And I am ALL about being inspired right now. Being around other people who are creative makes me want to do more with my own stuff.

Then Jessica came over and we crafted. I was going to make us lunch and snackies but we got busy and I didn't think about it. I helped her remember how to solder and she did GREAT. I am sure she will be the soldering glass queen before you know it. She also told me her mom use to do stained glass and she has all kinds of tools-HOW FUN!!! I'll be asking her to cut stuff up for me soon LOL.
Sadly, I forgot to take pics OR eat for that matter and I got a massive headache. I did give Jessica some cookies though, so I wasn't a totally useless hostess. Then we went out to dinner and I am ok now and promised better food next time.

Tomorrow another girlie lunch then home to CREATE!!! I made some ATC's yesterday for RAKS, did the collage above and started 3 other collages. Escuse teh glare-took the photo with the flash on and its not really THAT shiny. Its much more vibrant. I pasteled her face and repainted in most of the blouse. Its much prettier in person, I swear. Its been a LONG time since I've played with paper and it was fun. Still took me forever, but thats just me. I also found a bunch of charcoal when organizing pastels in a art toolbox and the thrill of making large sweeping strokes on 24 x 36" newprint paper came flooding to my mind so I think I'll be going to Pearl this week for a new paper pad. I'd love to get an easel too, maybe I can find one on Craigslist cheap???

Oh I got off track there talking about charcoal- tomorrow I want to work on some more rings, start my class handouts for the ZNE ConvenZioNE, work on an artist resume, revise my artist statement and do that newsletter I talked about a couple of days ago too! Hope you all had a great day.

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