Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A good cuppa fixes everything

Well my gallbladder pain AKA 'parasitic Twin' has been up and down the past week plus. I was feel better yesterday and BAM got all ugly again today, like my collage I worked on for hours then decided to rip apart (above!) Tired of it-it can go anytime now.

Despite the blahs, I am GOING to get some work done today. Including a "to do" list for the week. I am motivated to get a spring newsletter out this week after reading Jennifer Perkins blog post today on 15 Tips for Maximum Newsletter/Sale Effectiveness!

I have been 'meaning' to send out a newsletter for a month now.....Its wonderful when the universe sends you that oh so subtle kick in the seat by putting the right information in your lap. This is a GREAT informative post whether you already do newsletters, are sporadic about them like me or fear the unknown as a new business. I have bookmarked it so I can go back to it and study it and do a better newsletter.

Speaking of the Funkalicious Ms. Perkins, I want to also let you in on her annual Administrative Professionals Week Sale at NaughtySecretaryClub.com

You dont' have to be a secretary to shop and save either, so head on over. Everything in her store is a whopping 25% off!

Well my pot of Adagio Jasmine Pearl tea is done steeping, ready for some Organic Vitasoy Soy Milk and a big mug. I love Adagio Teas, I JUST saw they had a widget so you could send off a $5 gift cards!!! I've installed it at the top left of the blog, so if you are interested in trying them just put your email in there and they will send you the $5 coupon!

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