Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I made another Treasury!!!

I don't know why getting in one tickles me so much...I guess I'm tired of seeing the SAME people in EVER ONE....I want to see other peoples stuff!

Here's a pic of yesterdays worktable chaos.

NOTHING I did yesterday went easy or well...just one of those days. I fuddled around for hours-couldn't find anything that went together, couldn't find stuff, kept dropping things, etc...... And the PMS started to set in, so I was getting crankier by the minute-not a good combo. But no worries-today is MUCH better!
Today, I am focused on completing some of the computer work I dislike but NEED to do, by reading Alyson's post on Art Biz Coach about working on the website last night. I am going to be somewhat attached to my computer today and get the work done that I dread doing-resizing pics and updating etsy, ebay and my website. I'll do my Craft Gossip posts later if I can stand to be on here after I get the bulk of the drudge work done. But I may have to do them tomorrow if necessary.


CatHerder said...

A treasury?? Thats awesome!!! I am in deep spring cleaning mode, purging everything....i have NOT made a thing in two weeks. My etsy is still EMPTY....I need to finish this mess and get moving..thanks for the motivation...love your Lady of Guadalupe

Saints and Sinners said...

I know!! I'm so excited about it LOL

lemme know when your etsy get something in it and I'll crow about it for you!

oh, the mess-it never ends!!!