Saturday, April 05, 2008

I'm on an Etsy Treasury!!

Hee hee! I'm excited! Its my first one! Click the pic or lookee here!


narkeymarkey said...


i'm so glad i found your blog - what a great site. where do you find the time to create such wonderful items and update your blog too?!

and you teach as well - i am in awe and inspired!

i really love your house necklaces and the scarf made from your own yarn.

pan's amulet is really beautiful and a lovely way of keeping his memory close by :)

your blog entry for sunday 30th march really struck a chord with me - i am just starting out on my textiles journey and am finding it hard to juggle all the things i need to do to balance work / life / creativity and two of my goals are to get more connected and to learn to focus!

there is so much i want to learn and create all at once (not that i'm complaining though, rather this than the opposite!) and nowhere near enough hours in the day.

thanks for sharing your blog, will pop by again soon, take care tracy :)

CatHerder said...

Thats fantastic!!!! If I could ever stop painting my house maybe I could get something into my EMPTY etsy shop! Great job!

Saints and Sinners said...

Thanks Narky=oh I never seem to have any time!! LOL I have other friends who blow me OUT of the water with all they do!!! Thanks for stopping by and hope to talk to you again!

Thanks Catherder! I have SOOOOO much stuff to put up, but have to be in the mood. I REALLY want to paint my bedroom but there is this steel corrugated ceiling and trying to paint that in would be a NIGHTMARE.....