Friday, April 25, 2008

Inspiring Friends

Yesterday was a good day-NO pains!! YAY!!
And to make it even sweeter- I got a call from the amazingly talented Judy, who is here on a layover before going home to Australia. So we made plans to have dinner and girl chat time.

Here is what I worked on yesterday. Please excuse the pic, I had to take it without proper lighting, etc... I spent time working on it all afternoon, and needed to get ready meet her for dinner. Its a hammered/aged sterling band, etched copper back, antique hebrew text, resin (of course!), a brass found object, garnet stone and brass washer. Its a mighty ring, and about 1/2 inch tall! I didn't take a side pic, darn me. But heres one of Judy with it on, so you can see its weight.

I got to hear about all the fabulous STUFF she found (lucky girl!), Artfest, friends she got to meet in person and see again, and of course Michael. It was nice to hear about the great time she had everywhere she went. I love it when my friends are happy and have great things happen to them-it affirms that good things happen to good people.

I absolutely LOVE Judy and on a selfish level, wish she didn't live so far away. If you are unfamiliar with her artwork, please look at her blog- her work is so rich in meaning, she is amazing and truly inspiring no matter WHAT type of artwork you do. I told her I want to take a class of hers just to watch her work(hopefully next year). Her classes at Art and Soul Portland sold out very quickly, so I can't do that one, but next year I'll be a better planner.
I am always so curious about the workings of the creative mind and the tools they. When I go to open studio, I look at the art but I am studying the jars of brushes, the tubs of stuff, the paint splatters on the floor. I watch the artists hold a pencil or decide between which piece of junque to use in a collage.

Tomorrow, I am going to an Etsy group meeting at the SFMOMA then Jessica is coming over and we will make something crafty. Pics will posted!

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