Wednesday, April 09, 2008

oh so true

My horoscope for today, strangely oh so true in a weird way:

>>Weak, transient effect: This influence normally indicates a few hours of unusually intense feelings. Today during the day you will have a strong desire to know yourself and to experience life largely through the emotion. This is probably not the best time for work that requires a completely clear and dispassionate state of consciousness, but you will not feel like doing that kind of work anyway. You will want to engage your emotions in whatever you do, and you will experience a richness of feeling and inner life that is satisfying in itself. This influence is good for any business matters concerning the general public or for any situation in which you have to appear before the public or a large group. Otherwise it is not an influence that stimulates drive and ambition.

Jessica and I went down to watch the beginning of the Olympic Torch relay. Or so we thought. It was a HUGE crowd of people and everyone was excited-for different reasons but all excited. And we all got the wrong end of the stick so to speak. We thought it was about to start, then the pro china group barracaded the end of the street and they started jumpin over the barracades and running. So of course I made Jessica jump and run too. There was MASS confusion about where the flame was, and no one knew what was going on. Despite what I am reading in the news, I WAS there where the relay started and there were NO major(or minor for that sake!) skirmishes and absolutely NO reasons for the Mayor do what he did and cheat everyone out of seeing the torch.

I am saddened, I am angry and I am hurt. I feel like the Mayor made our city look like a huge joke while not giving 2 cents about the THOUSANDS of people that came here from all over the country to see the flame and have their say....I could cuss up a storm on here, but don't want to offend anyone. Lets just say, that as a San Franciscan I am embarressed by my city today.

The one thing that came out of today, was that I got to meet and talk to a gentleman(pictured above) who was a torch runner in the Salt Lake City Games, and was happy to talk to us about what goes on from their perspective. He also told us how very sad it was for todays runners, to not have the opportunity to run for their familys and country. A very strange and sad world indeed.

I ahve some pics up at my flickr site, if you want too see. Not many as I thought we'd see ALOT more than what we did.


Jessica said...

That was such a load of crap today! And I am sunburned!

Down with Gavin Newsom!

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