Thursday, May 22, 2008

Being Productive

I had have a migraine or pre-migraine headache for 5 days or so. I have been moving SLOWWWWWW. Today I am FINALLY headache free!!! so I'm trying to be super productive and catch up on all the stuff I didn't get done already this week.

First-I wanted to announce that the general class registration is now open for the ZNE ConvenZione. I'll be teaching the Charm School resin casting class and Histories: Real or Imagined jewelry class. If you are interested in coming out for this wonderful art & fun filled weekend please visit the website for more info. There are a ton of amazing classes to choose from. This is one of the class samples I'll have on hand for viewing/sale.

I applied to the American Craft Council show in Aug. I know there will be hundreds of applicants, so my fingers and toes are crossed and wish all the applicants the best of luck.

My 37 yr old sister went in for a hysterectomy this morning. So if any of you pray, please include her in your prayers tonight for a speedy recovery. She is doing fine except for being in pain. We have always had a really rocky relationship and we are now trying to be friends. We've had some intense/honest emails about our roles in the family and how we felt about the past and whatever. Its odd how people can live together and view things differently. I always felt she was my mothers favorite, and she always felt second best to me. We have similar feelings regarding how we got treated growing up, but didn't see it applying to the other person then.

I finished my big bug order-yay!!! well finished casting them, this weekend will be finishing and putting on the pins and wrapping them up to mail next week. I cast some extras to sell at Renegade.

I need to figure out some interesting jewelry displays. I wish I could afford 6 of those mannequin torsos and just pile necklaces up on them. But i have no where to store them if I could buy them all, so if anyone has any clever, interesting, and space saving displays-please share some pics!

I am almost ready to send out a newsletter. I transferred all the emails over to Vertical Response ONE BY ONE the other day. They didn't have a way to do a batch transfer, but its done now and I will send out a newsletter this weekend. I am thinking about doing a giveaway too and will mull over that.

I am in a couple of treasuries on etsy, here and here. so go click and look at all the lovelies up.

Also on todays to-do list is photo taking for ebay, etsy and the website . As well as making jewelry and trying to get a yarn spun in at some point. So I best get at it!

2 comments: said...

I will hold your sister in my heart and include her in my dreamtime healing session tonight.

Saints and Sinners said...

thank you! she had more problems then they thought, and in need of all the healing energy she can get.