Monday, June 23, 2008

"Everybody's working during the weekend"

Wait...doesn't the song go, "everybody's working FOR the weekend"??? Not in this apt!

My computer has been gradually getting slower....this past week it started going wonky. Got more memory, did a registry fix, etc...Rob figured out it was Windows files that were slowly corrupting ?? and it was basically 'sick'. So he spent the entire weekend backing up files, cleaning off, re installing, trying to fix things it 'lost', etc... no fun for him.

I got on the laptop, but I don't have email on there and couldn't really DO anything since all my files and progams are on this desktop. So I did a bit of twittering and that's it.

I'm on a couple of Etsy Treasuries-For the Birds and For the Very First Time. Fun stuff!

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