Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Photo Love

I got knocked down by a lovely migraine yesterday, and slept like a rock for 12 hours-Just woke up 20 mins ago at 10:20...Sometimes I'm REALLY glad I don't have a 'day job' because I'd be fired for things like being ill like that.

I have been taking a billion photos and have finally figured out how to take better ones. This Canon Rebel camera ROCKS, but I can't seem to sit down and LEARN how to use it. Photography terms swirl around my head and don't stick to anything.

I am making some new business cards that have jewelry on them since my current ones have yarn. I think I will be using the pic above for the back, but I may take a few more tomorrow and see if I like something different. It's hard to take a photo that will look good and convey the feeling of my work but only be 2 x 3 1/2 inches in size. Well, hard for me anyway I'm sure for a pro it's no problem. Most of my necklaces are asymetrical and longish...hard for me to set up any kind of vignette without them looking weird.
Hubby installed Photoshop CS on my computer and its SOO FUN!!!! I love all the brushes I can download!!!!! I had an ANCIENT version of Photoshop, so the new one is all cool to me LOL. NOW I see how people are doing all those cute digital scrapbooking was TOO much work to do them in my old photoshop 5, lemme tell ya!

Today won't be a busy day since I'm moving in SLLLLLOOOWWWWWW MOOOOOOOTIONNNNNN. I need to post something over at Craft Gossip and work on this blog and tidy it up. I really want to get a new template for this-but that can wait. I have a list of places to contact about PR/Sales and will probably do that too today.And theres always lots of blogs to read and I'm waiting to see what fun video Ms. Margot will put up today!

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JafaBrit's Art said...

Hi there,
thanks for dropping me a line, nice to hear from you :) I am enjoying YS a lot, but hum, I think it must be lovely to be where you are :)

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