Sunday, June 08, 2008

Just in time for Fathers Day

I put this manly steampunk necklace up on Etsy last night, I hope it sells otherwise I will feel compelled to keep it for myself!

I'm finishing up the massive pile of half done projects on my table, so expect to see lots more pics on here. I have so many things I've started to put together but didn't have this or that or anything that worked with it, so it gets pushed to the side and I start something else. I swear I probably start 5 things a day but only finish one...Its the way I work, things have to 'click'. When I stopped doing just pretty jewelry to jewelry with meaning, it takes alot longer for it to 'cook'. I have to see who goes with what and what make sense to the piece, and does this shade of aqua go better than this one, etc..... all my parts need to talk to me and each other.

Anyway-I'm cleaning up and finishing up for a few reasons-1: to clean off the table top. 2: Partly for Renegade SF & and ZNE vendor show and 3: because
Rob and I got our plane tickets to the UK on Friday...Let me just say that it was multiple thousand dollars and its not firstclass...Plane fares are going up at scarily fast rates and the dollar keeps sinking. We want to have a good time on the trip, not pennypinching every step of the way-so I need to work doubletime and make some trip funds.


CatHerder said...

VERY CREATIVE! Im living vicariously through you 3 of sweltering temps blow torch for me till this breaks

Saints and Sinners said...

thanks! its actually 'hot' here, a whopping 77!! I love it! I'm usually so cold

Jennifer Perkins - Naughty Secretary Club said...

Lady I feel your pain on getting started on way more things in a day than I finish. Love the new necklace. I think you should write a blog on the definition of Steam Punk. I keep hearing the term getting tossed around in terms of jewelry and fashion and I want to know more. I have a rough idea, but think I am a little confused. Oh and those plane tickets are like whoa pricey.

Jean said...

I love this piece, Barbe!