Friday, June 27, 2008

Nose to the Grindstone

Here's a pic of some of the jewelry I've made the past week. I used the little camera and its crap for indoor/close pics.
Anyway=this is stuff I actually FINISHED I should say, I have 4 times as many partially done pieces floating about. Thats how I work-things have to gestate before being 'born'. Not the easiest way to create, but its how I work. For some, sketching out a piece works for them. I will sketch a general idea sometimes, just so I dont' forget it-but my notebooks aren't the kind people will want to look at after my death. Heck, even *I* can't read my own writing 1/2 the time!

I have another pic of stuff I made this week, but will save it for tomorrow's post-what is steampunk? You know you want to come back for that!

I really need to get a haircut, but am tired of paying $90+ (going rate in SF) for ones that don't thrill me. The last one I had was very indie rocker, very well done, and very not me. Hopefully I can get something next week.

Must go put my nose back to the grindstone, and keep going.


Ruth Ann said...

$90 for a hair cut? Oh, my Heavens! I pay $2.00 and get a fantastic cut every time!

I love your goodies!

Ruth Ann

Barbe Saint John aka Saints & Sinners® said...

Hi Ruth!
Yes, its generally $70-90 for a cut here, not including tip! Oh I wish I could pay $2 and get a great cut!

Katie Hacker said...

Love what you're doing, Barbe! And so glad you're joining us on beadbloggers...

I feel your pain with the haircut thing. Maybe you could barter for jewelry?

Anonymous said...

RuthAnn took the words right out of my mouth!

Barbe, the fan necklaces! Oh the fan necklaces! Digging those very much! Everything looks awesome! Candie :-)
P.S. Thanks for the nice words on my rock ring--sadly, it's a size 6.5.