Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Website work, updating, just another day

My Swashbuckling Hero

I've had a bug about freshening up the site and my business cards. I worked on the card a bit yesterday but need to do more to it. Then I stayed up to about midnight, working on the website I took down all the jewelry series (except for the Wanderlust Map Pendants)and put them in basic catagories - Necklaces, Earrings, Pins, etc.... I think it may be easier for someone who is looking to buy. I may break down each of those into subcatagories, but for now I'm leaving it as is. Zen Cart isn't user friendly when it comes to moving products, you have to do them ONE at a time...and I had about 100 to move..

While I was in there, I added a few rings and the cute recycled vintage Scimitar necklace above. I realized I have a TON Of pics to resize and upload so I guess that is my chore today. I am wonky today, and need to just push myself to work. I want to spin tonight too, so I loaded up a bag and took it up to the couch so its all ready when I get there..

I need to redo my craft show list and prioritize. Figuring out some attractive, interesting necklace display is boogling my that is another thing I need to put some thought into today.

I'm also looking at things to do in Cardiff and London , thats a nice diversion from doing the work I need to do! So if any readers live in either place, please send suggestions along!

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